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To set the tone for our company in localization recruitment for 2011 I tried to get a feel for the hiring expectations of our clients over the next year. And – wowza – I came across a lot of positive news! Things are looking up for those of us in the language industry for 2011 in the US.

Many sources whispered sweet nothings to our tired little recruiter ears:

The Occupational Outlook Handbook 2010-2011 edited by the US Labor Dept’s Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that language jobs in translation and interpretation will have a ‘faster than average’ job growth trajectory compared to other occupations at a rate of 22% through 2018.

Dice Holdings, the company behind – a leading tech job board, says “After 10 consecutive months of private sector employment growth, half of employers and recruiters anticipate more professionals will be hired in the first half of 2011 than the previous six months,” based on a survey they did in Dec 2010.

US’s Careers section cited that “Next to healthcare there is no greater opportunity than in technology” in their Best Careers 2011: Technology Jobs article.

Careers on MSNBC cites a survey by that says “Software Engineering is the Best Job for 2011” due to the increasing need for developing new devices, gadgets and mobile apps.

This week’s Time Magazine (Jan 17, 2011) features a cover story called “Where the Jobs Are” with a strong focus on professional and business services. Further they dedicated a whole section called “Tech Leads the Way” wherein they say: “Among the happiest people around will be those working in the technology sector…” .

And were there is tech development, hot software engineering opportunities and new things being built, there is localization work.

This is music to our ears – Happy 2011!

How a Recruiter Reads Your Resume

By: Denise Spacinsky

I bet you wonder what happens to your resume when you send it into a company or a recruiter. You probably spent more than a few hours pulling it together, checking grammar and making sure it was perfect. And perhaps you struggled some with finding the right format and keeping the information concise and to the point. Once it is sent in I imagine that worry about getting the message across about what you have done, can do and want to do in your next position.

Already this week (and it’s Wednesday) I personally reviewed many 100s of resumes. Things have gotten so busy that all of us are pitching in on candidate reviews. While I was knee deep in the database, I started to contemplate how I screen information. Before I started in recruitment I had no idea what would draw someone’s attention to a resume – one of the first door openers to a new position. Now I know.

I figured I could share that with you and take out some of they mystery about getting your information noticed. I hope these tips help.

(Fair disclaimer – we are all different. The folks on our recruitment team may look at resumes very differently than I do. But here is what I look for, pretty much in this order, below.)

Geographic Location
This is practical – we want to know that you are located where the jobs are. Many clients do offer relocation, but clients often like to see local candidates first for positions.

Contact Information
We have to know how to reach you. And it’s probably best that you create a professional email for your job search. We see things like ‘’ which creates it’s own impression. Further, we will almost always contact you via email first vs. by phone. If you only put a phone number it’s likely you may not get contacted.

My Preferred Format

Title, Company, Length of Service
This is key and should always be in there. Ideally, for length of service you should put month + year – Jan 2007-Dec 2009 reads very differently than 2007-2009. And if you have contracted with companies vs. being a permanent employee, note that too. Contract roles can be shorter term (which is ok) but if we don’t know you had a series of short assignments, we might get the impression that you hop around (or get let go) a lot.

Description: Bullets with Bolded Key Information
We need to see just enough so we can scan quickly and get the information we need. Fast. Like in the first 15-30 seconds.

Listing expertise with languages and tools
This is particularly important for engineering or other technical profiles.

Stuff I really like to see

Participation in associations and conferences; giving speeches or writing papers
It shows you are a leader, you know your stuff and can separate yourself from the crowd.

Big Accomplishments
For example: you saved millions of dollars for a client or brought in billions in business. If we don’t know exactly what you have done it can be difficult to assess your level of experience and expertise. Our clients are very specific about what capabilities they want to see in candidates to fill their business need. If you are vague we can’t make a match very well.

Sample Client List (if you work/ed for an LSP)
This shows us a couple things: 1) what industries you are used to dealing with, 2) what level of complexity and market size you are accustomed to serving.

Turn Offs

Resumes that Read Like Novels
If we can’t see clearly what you have done at the first glance, we’ll move on.

Resumes that Don’t Say Anything
Need I say more?

‘Filler’ Information
What I mean here is information like ‘I’m a team player’ and ‘I have great communication skills’. That’s all terrific, but not really important when we are looking at a profile. I’ve seen resumes full of stuff just like this and not much more.

Humor or Goofy Tidbits
We like humor as much as anyone, but you will want to save that to share with your coworkers – once you have the job.

Poorly Formatted Information
If your resume is sloppy it gives the impression that you might be careless or not serious.

Important Life Lessons From Bad Credit Loans

Bad credit rating can leave you with very limited funding options. The stress of this situation can manifest when you face a financial emergency and your personal bank takes so long to process your loan only to end up with a smaller amount and higher interest, or worse, rejected. A viable alternative called bad credit loans, can help you fix your financial issues, but they can do more than that.

Here are some reflections on the life lessons bad credit loans can give us.

There’s Always a Way

Banks have been in the mainstream and forefront of the loans and lending industry for so many years now. However, the economic recession taught banks to be more meticulous and selective, leaving behind people with poor credit score seemingly without a choice. But when subprime borrowing and lending was introduced, bad credit loans were also born. Now, you can apply for bad credit loans in private lending companies and be approved for them. Like they say, if the bank was your plan A and you get rejected, there are 25 other letters in the alphabet.

There’s Always an Easier and Faster Way

Apart from qualifying from bad credit loans, you also enjoy additional perks that you don’t with mainstream lenders. Bad credit loans offer fast processing and approval, so you’d know right away if you are qualified and be able to use the money right away. Applying for loans in mainstream lenders simply won’t cut it especially if it’s a matter of financial emergency.

Bad Credit Loans Will Teach You Values of Wisdom and Commitment

If you are serious about your personal finance and you want to improve it through bad credit loans, you acquire additional virtues: wisdom and commitment. For one, you need to be wise about your decision in getting bad credit loans. Ask yourself these: is it the right time? Is it for the right reasons? Am I able to repay? Am I choosing the right lender? You learn to discern your situation and your options.

Since bad credit loans are offered in higher rates than ordinary loans, you also feel more compelled and committed about paying it. You wouldn’t want your bad credit loans to go to senseless expenditures because they can get very expensive, so you learn to commit yourself in resorting to bad credit loans only when absolutely necessary. And because of the price tag it carries, you also feel compelled about timely payments.

Bad Credit Loans Can Help You Fix Your Finances

Loans for people with bad credit may not directly show you these perspectives, but they are subtle reminders that while bad credit loans are fast money fixes, they also come with obligations. As a borrower, if you try to reflect on these virtues, you realize that what you do with your money can have very significant impact in your overall financial standing. Bad credit loans can pull you out of a financial rut, and if you try to establish your personal finance with the mentioned virtues, you become more equipped in making the right and wise decisions in the future.

What to Do When You Get into a Tight Spot

Life can surprise you in a number of ways. Even if you’re financially-prepared, you can still get caught off-guard by unexpected expenses that can throw your finances out of order. If you have the cushion, such as savings and investments as well as emergency fund, then well and good. But a vast majority of people don’t even have this kind of comfort due to living paycheck-to-paycheck, lifestyle inflation and the rising cost of goods and services.

Financial spots don’t always have to be major circumstances. Sometimes they take the form of minor annoyances that you can easily get out of given the right tools. Thankfully, the market has been filled with a lot of options, one of them being advance cash loans.

Advance cash loans can help you in a lot of ways. You can use advance cash loans to bridge money shortages if you’re still a few days away from your next paycheck. It could be that you need a couple of hundred dollars to buy this week’s groceries or a few thousand dollars to pay for urgent car repairs. Anything can come up in between your paycheck and if you’re looking to settle your financial problems without the stress, then advance cash loans could be your best option.

Of course, you could never get out of the tight spot that you are in if you don’t use advance cash loans with caution. All loans come with risks and advance cash loans are not an exemption. But as a borrower, there are a lot of things that you can do to counter these risks and utilize the loans to their potential.

First, you need to shop and compare lenders before settling with a loan. Some people make the mistake of going with any loan that they first see, forfeiting their chance of getting some of the really good deals in the market. Furthermore, if you aren’t very careful, you could end up with a fraudulent or shark lender.

Second, look at the interest rate and fees. Be warned though that most advance cash loans are charged with higher interest rates than traditional loans. Most of the lenders hover around $15-$30 for every $100 you need to borrow. Therefore, it can be a costly option especially if you intend to borrow the maximum amount.

On the upside, you can get these loans so much quicker than other traditional loans. Instead of waiting for days and weeks to get approved for a bank loan, advance cash loans are typically approved within minutes and the amount is released within just a few hours. These are indeed the best option for small-scale financial emergencies.

To make sure that you make the most out of your advance cash loans, do consider your financial circumstances carefully and try to address the following questions:

Do I really need this loan? It is best to use the loan for basic necessities and not splurge it into wants. Remember you’re also paying interest on top of the loan amount and splurging the loan to unnecessary things doesn’t make sense.

Am I capable of repaying advance cash loans? You have a 15-30 day window to pay the loan back, after which the lender can roll the loan over. Missing the payments is the easy way to grow your loan out of proportion. Make sure that your next paycheck can cover the cost of your loan.

Putting some sound financial philosophies into place help ensure you are out of the tight spot right away without incurring further financial complications.

Instant Loans

Instant loans are ideal especially when emergencies come about. You may find yourself in a situation where you do not have the luxury of waiting for a whole week for your loan to be approved because you need the cash immediately. If this should happen, then you need not be worried as numerous companies, especially online lending companies offer instant loans online or same day loans.

There are companies whose core business is aiding people with emergencies to access loans within a short period. For these companies to be in a position to assist, you need to provide them with the relevant information. Some of these companies have the ability to approve your application and within a few hour hours, the money may be delivered to the bank that you may have chosen.

Thanks to these instant loans, everyone has a reason to smile. At the end of the month, you may need to make an instant purchase or have to pay medical, car maintenance, and cell phone bills. These are instances where taking up a bad credit instant loan can be of great help.

The best part about it is that the loan can be approved instantly and within a period of 24 hours, the cash is transferred into your account. One major disadvantage of this kind of instant loan is the fact that the interest charged is pretty high. This can however be explained by the fact that collateral is not needed. The amount of cash loaned out varies from one company to the next and in most cases the repayment period is 14 days; this can however be extended to a month. Before the instant loan online is approved, the lender will check whether the applicant has a steady income as a result of regular employment as well as a bank account that is valid and it should be at least three months old.

When you make the decision to go for an instant loan online, you should be careful to go for a company that has a good reputation. This is important if at all you are to avoid being ripped off because the internet is full of dubious companies that are out to make a quick buck from unsuspecting clients. There are companies that offer the best instant loans no credit check.

The best way to get a variety of instant loans is by going online. This not only saves time, as you can do it from the comfort of your living room and there is no paperwork involved. You also get the opportunity to compare the different quotes on offer and this will help you to make an informed decision when choosing the best deals. Instant loans are ideal because you do not need to wait around for it to be approved.